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Ingenious scam

I’ve just received this in my inbox:


Strangely enough, the link at the bottom right (“Escucha el Audio Original”, or “Listen to the Original Audio”), points to an EXE file, not to a MP3…

I’m going to download the EXE file and execute it, in order to find out what this terrible scandal is about. I hope the audio is somehow hidden inside the executable. If you are interested in the file, let me know and I’ll send a copy to you.


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Bing’s concept of language

I recently gave a try to the new microsoft® search engine: bing. And the first thing I did was to configure it the way I like: no results filtering, and the original language (english, in this case).

Take a look at the result:

A translation error in the main search page of bing

A translation error in the main search page of bing

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