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Information technologies professional, specialized in the development of complex, corporate applications. With an integral vision of the technical, business and human aspects of the work at hand. With experience administering software development projects using agile methodologies. Ample and intensive experience with free and open source software. Interested in social software phenomena. Committed to the highest professional and human standards. Currently playing a high-responsibility role in research and development projects, in a recognized, international, organization.

Current position

Nowadays he holds a high-responsibility position in an organization with enormous technological challenges; a position for which a deep albeit wide technical knowledge, the comprehension of how business processes work and the ability to organize and lead teamworks are required.

Selected achievements

  • He was invited to speak at “Internet World 2001”, Mexico City. He spoke about the application of emerging, open technologies (Java based, specifically) to the development of enterprise-level applications.
  • He has been invited (twice) by Microsoft Mexico, as special guest, to speak about open technologies.
  • He designed and developed a cybercafé-managing system, for the “Ok!” cybercafé, in just four months.
  • Has applied twice the XP agile methodology to bring new life to very demanding projects which were way beyond the schedule.


Leon Institute of Technology (part of the Mnemo evolution and integration services group) (Spain, 2006-present day)
Framework acquirer and propagator for a banking project, technology evaluator, selector and proposer, team leader for a complex BMP-SOA project.

National Institute of Migration (Mexico, 2006)
IT subdirector

Federal District Government, Secretary of Finances (Mexico, 2001-2002)
Departmental unit commander.

National Ecology Institute (Mexico, 1999-2001)
Departmental commander, unit of systems and informatics. Professional executive of special services.

Internet de Alta Calidad, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico, 1996-2006)
Project leader, director of software development, general director.

Optima Technology, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico, 1997)
Project leader: technological evaluation, project planning, software development and technological transfer.

Software de Alta Calidad (Mexico, 1994)
Software development director.

Industrial de Servicios, S.A.; Servicios Grupo Industrial, S.A. (Mexico, 1993-1994)
Adviser: technical advise and consulting, software development.

National Autonomous University of Mexico. Faculty of Engineering (Mexico, 1992-1993)
Instructor: he has lectured inter semester courses about C language, as well as C++ and Java based object oriented programming.

ATTIS de México, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico, 1992-1993)
Designer and developer of telematic information systems.

D-Ingeniería, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico, 1992)
Designer and programmer: graphic user interfaces (GUIs).

National Autonomous University of Mexico. Faculty of Engineering (Mexico, 1990-1991)
Designer, programmer and supervisor of the faculty remote-visualization project.

CONASUPO distributor and commercial impeller (Mexico, 1989-1990)

Secretary of Commerce and Industrial Promotion. Main Directorate for the Promotion of Basic Products (Mexico, 1988-1989)
Analyst: computer programmer and system administrator.

Atari de México (Mexico, 1987-1991)
Programmer, software development specialist.

Programas Especializados, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico, 1986-1988 )
Programmer, software development specialist.


Secretary of Public Education.
Bachelor in Informatics and Computation (2005)

Red Hat, Inc., Durham, NC, USA.
Red Hat Certified Engineer (1999)

National Autonomous University of Mexico. Faculty of Engineering.
Computation Engineering (1991-)

Unify corporation, Sacramento, CA, USA.
eWave Commerce Developers Workshop (2000)

National Autonomous University of Mexico. Faculty of Engineering.
Fractal Geometry (1993)

National Autonomous University of Mexico. Faculty of Engineering.
Real time Databases (1992)

National Autonomous University of Mexico. Faculty of Engineering. Division of Post Degree Studies.
Seminary of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (1991)

National Autonomous University of Mexico. Faculty of Engineering. Division of Continuous Education.
Design and programming for the MC68000 microprocessor (1989)

National Polytechnic Institute, UPIICSA.
Seminary on Classical Philosophy (1987)

National Polytechnic Institute, CECyT Wilfrido Massieu.
Introductory Seminar for the Development of an Executive (1984)

Relevant abilities and characteristics

He has actively participated in the implementation of the CMMI (level 3) process in the Leon Institute of Technology (Spain.)
As a part of his duties as a team leader, he has participated in the implementation of the Capability Maturity Model® Integration, level 3, in the group in which he is participating.
An interesting trend of this work is the compatibility he has achieved between the requirements of CMMI and some of the agile practices he likes to work with.
Even though he is an eXtreme Programming advocate, he is well acquainted with other agile methodologies too; specially with Alistair Cockburn’s Crystal Clear.
Using eXtreme Programming he successfully participated in the reengineering process for the AFORE (Retirement Funds Administration) of an important financial group in Mexico. It is noteworthy that such a system is extremely complex, and this extreme approach, notwithstanding the “traditional wisdom” that XP is not for very large projects, worked very fine.
Using Crystal Clear he successfully participated in the reengineering of the SIOM (Integral Migratory Operation System), and in the migratory alerts system, for the National Migration Institute, in Mexico.
He is a very seasoned user (and developer, and proponent) of free and open source software.
He has been a GNU Linux user since 1993, year in which Miguel de Icaza (head of the GNOME project) introduced him to the new operating system.
He is one of the first (if not the very first) Red Hat certified engineer in Mexico (1999).
He has contributed software to the free software community: corrections to a network adapter driver, code to import Excel files into Gnumeric (a worksheet part of the GNOME project) and several other minor contributions.
When he ran a cyber-café, in Mexico City, he had to evaluate the major GNU Linux distributions for their application in desktop environments, including Fedora Core (previously Red Hat), SUSE, Mandrake, Debian, Ubuntu, and Gentoo.
He has been a free and open source software user and proponent in the desktop for a number of years, and is in consequence well aware of the issues related to that endeavor.
He has administered servers running the Solaris, AIX, Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems, as well as all of the major GNU Linux distributions (or their derivatives), and is thus able to draft inter operation scenarios between different distributions, as well as migration from closed to open source solutions and vice versa.
Since the beginnings of 2005, he has been very interested in the social software phenomena.
Set up and participated in a web log (blog) of his own, in August, 2005.
Set up and participated in several wiki pages, using several wiki engines, including MediaWiki, the one behind the Wikipedia.
Successfully helped to define a search engine optimization strategy for the company he was working for at the moment (2005), targeted at Google.
Adaptability to cultural and technological changes.
Good communication skills.
Excellent writing and proofreading.
Bilingual in English and Spanish.
Interest and ability to learn new languages.
Committed to excellence.
Eager to learn new, diverse things.
Willing (and eager) to share knowledge.
Command of a wide spectrum of technologies.
Hands-on experience in system analysis, design and construction.
Project administration experience.
Ability for the organization of task-forces.
Diverse, interesting work experience.
Deep technical knowledge.
No fear of long-term commitments.
A useful bent towards self-education.


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